Friday, November 29, 2019

Watercolor Bluebirds (Process/Product)

So, I have had Eastern bluebirds on my mind since we saw them in our Wonder Forest a few days ago. I took several pictures, shared in a previous blog post. 

I have painted a couple of bluebirds. I am not thrilled with either. I am, after all, I remind myself, a novice. Duh.

The first one I tried, I used a free image from Pixabay as a reference photo.

The problem with public reference photos is that they are just that: a photo, taken with a professional camera, resulting in a professional photograph, full of vibrant details.

Then, here is my attempt to paint this bird with watercolor (with the addition of a Missouri snowstorm):

After I posted some of my photos of our backyard bluebirds on Facebook, a few of my Friends suggested I should paint a bird from one of my pictures. That was even harder. Here is my photo:

And my attempt to paint from my own photo:

Both pieces: Arches Watercolor Paper 140# Cold Press
Winsor & Newton Professional Tube Watercolors

I’m just going to make this understatement. Watercolor painting is difficult and challenging. Birds are way harder than they appear to be. In fact, I’m done with birds for awhile. I’m going to do something fun next, like another snowman maybe!

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