Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Different Thanksgiving

This will be the first time in many years that hubby and I will be alone for Thanksgiving. It’s not that we are ALL together for every Thanksgiving, but for years it has been “the norm” that I am preparing dinner for SOME of us every Thanksgiving. So, I confess that I am struggling.

Thanksgiving 2017 (Missouri)
Left, front to back: Greg, Sharida, Evan
Right, front to back: Kristy, Mark, Conner, Caroline

Thanksgiving 2018 (Washington)
Left: Conner, Leeland, Caroline
Right: Mark, Kristy, Tory

I will miss cooking and baking for family. I will miss being with family. Most of all, I will miss our “Thankful-for Time,” as we always have that special time where we share the things we are especially thankful to God for this year.

As I said to Tory (right now in Mexico), I will have my “thankful-for time” in my heart.

I am very thankful that my children and grandchildren are happy and healthy and each serving God exactly where He wants them to be right now. 

How blessed am I, after all!

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