Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Priority: Relationships {My Family, My Heart}

So, if you know me very well, you know that if given a chance, I stress the importance of family relationships. Sometimes achieving the goal of maintaining/growing family relationships is difficult. In some cases, due to factors beyond my control, that goal is not achievable.

However, most of the time, as regards most of my family relationships, it’s a great and valuable blessing, and when relationships are alive and well, there is a natural process of deepening and growing those relationships. Because that process is best nurtured by actually BEING together, we try to have intentional times of gathering when possible. 

I married into the Ford family when I was 18. I am now 72. So, for 54 years I have been in the Ford family. My husband’s parents have both passed now (as have mine), so when there is a Ford family gathering for our generation, it now includes only us and my husband’s siblings and their spouses (when possible).

 All of us have children and grandchildren who live away from us. But, as siblings, we value our relationships, and though we are somewhat spread out geographically now, we do enjoy our times together.

Last evening we gathered at Janene and David’s for supper and fellowship.

My husband has two brothers and a sister.

My husband (far right) is the oldest of the four. Next in age is Curtiss (far left). David is the third one, and Bettie Jo is the youngest. Curtiss lives in Georgia. David and Bettie Jo both live in the Jefferson City, Missouri, area. Russell, of course, lives in Missouri half the year and Washington the other half of the year.

David’s wife, Janene (second from left) is my sister. They have been married 51 years. Curt’s wife Dolly was unable to make the trip from Georgia. Bettie Jo’s husband is Jim Hill. Russell and I are the “older” ones!

Fun time with family!

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