Saturday, December 1, 2018

A December Saturday Morning in WA

Cold day here in Ridgefield, Washington, but no rain right now and a little sun, so no complaints. We decorated our WA home for Christmas a week ago. We are enjoying our home here, especially being close to our son’s family during the time we are out here (Mark, Kristy, Tory, Conner, Caroline, Leeland).

We will return to our MO home in a couple of weeks. Then it will be nice to be closer to our daughter Sharida and her family, and to our Siblings (my sister and brother and their spouses).



We brought my handmade ornaments and tags from MO to decorate the WA tree.


Although I have an office in this home, I usually prefer to do my “work” in the open area of the home.


I miss my Bible Journaling art supplies (left all in MO this time). For now, I am doing a daily Scripture writing plan. When I did the Beth Moore study “Children of the Light,” I learned that I really enjoy (and benefit from) writing out Scripture by hand.

So I am handwriting in a journal right now; When I am back with my art supplies, I will illustrate some of the references. This plan is from Messy Faith. The theme of the December plan is the birth of Jesus.


From Bible Gateway:

“Hand copying Scripture is simply writing out word-for-word passages of Scripture by hand. Why would anybody do this when most people own many copies of the Bible and can easily access it digitally? The purpose of hand copying Scripture is not to have another copy of the Bible. Remember, the goal of Scripture engagement is to meet God in his Word. Writing the Bible out by hand offers us the unique opportunity to participate in an activity that forces us to slow down the process of reading and encourages a more reflective engagement with God’s Word. It gives us more time to think about what is written and to dwell on the meaning and implications of a passage. Hand copying is a focusing activity. Too often we read quickly and forget what we’ve read within a few minutes. Hand copying helps combat quick, surface level reading.

“Copying is also an aid to memory. Most people would agree that writing information down helps the mind to recall that information later. Hand copying Scripture can be a great help when memorizing passages of the Bible.

“Hand copying the Bible also helps us to perceive details in a passage that might have been overlooked. As our hands write down words and phrases multiple times (often a sign of emphasis in the Bible) attention will be drawn to those words and phrases as being important, which helps us comprehend the passage.”

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