Saturday, December 1, 2018

A December Saturday Morning in WA

Cold day here in Ridgefield, Washington, but no rain right now and a little sun, so no complaints. We decorated our WA home for Christmas a week ago. We are enjoying our home here, especially being close to our son’s family during the time we are out here (Mark, Kristy, Tory, Conner, Caroline, Leeland).

We will return to our MO home in a couple of weeks. Then it will be nice to be closer to our daughter Sharida and her family, and to our Siblings (my sister and brother and their spouses).



We brought my handmade ornaments and tags from MO to decorate the WA tree.


Although I have an office in this home, I usually prefer to do my “work” in the open area of the home.


I miss my Bible Journaling art supplies (left all in MO this time). For now, I am doing a daily Scripture writing plan. When I did the Beth Moore study “Children of the Light,” I learned that I really enjoy (and benefit from) writing out Scripture by hand.

So I am handwriting in a journal right now; When I am back with my art supplies, I will illustrate some of the references. This plan is from Messy Faith. The theme of the December plan is the birth of Jesus.


From Bible Gateway:

“Hand copying Scripture is simply writing out word-for-word passages of Scripture by hand. Why would anybody do this when most people own many copies of the Bible and can easily access it digitally? The purpose of hand copying Scripture is not to have another copy of the Bible. Remember, the goal of Scripture engagement is to meet God in his Word. Writing the Bible out by hand offers us the unique opportunity to participate in an activity that forces us to slow down the process of reading and encourages a more reflective engagement with God’s Word. It gives us more time to think about what is written and to dwell on the meaning and implications of a passage. Hand copying is a focusing activity. Too often we read quickly and forget what we’ve read within a few minutes. Hand copying helps combat quick, surface level reading.

“Copying is also an aid to memory. Most people would agree that writing information down helps the mind to recall that information later. Hand copying Scripture can be a great help when memorizing passages of the Bible.

“Hand copying the Bible also helps us to perceive details in a passage that might have been overlooked. As our hands write down words and phrases multiple times (often a sign of emphasis in the Bible) attention will be drawn to those words and phrases as being important, which helps us comprehend the passage.”

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Intentional Joy

Once again I have allowed myself to fall behind with my blog. It’s not that I have a due date to turn in the assignment; I’m the only one who notices, I realize, but I like the feeling of being at least somewhat caught up.

It’s not even that I intend for my blog to be a chronological reporting of my life. But whether it’s sharing my art or my thoughts or my family events, I have come to feel that something is “unfinished” if I don’t blog at all!

So, currently we are in our second home in Washington state, and I have none of my art supplies with me. But at least I can attempt to catch up a bit, so that when I return to our MO home soon, this will be ONE area where I’m not behind!

Highlights since the previous post:

10-06-2018 Alyssa's Wedding (1)

Our granddaughter Alyssa married Josh Albers on October 6. So happy to be able to attend, along with our daughter Sharida (Matron of Honor) and her husband Greg and son Dawson!

10-21 thru 10-24-2018 Sib Mtn Retreat (8)

Late October, Sibling Mountain Retreat, with my sister Janene and her husband David (Russell’s brother), my brother Keith and his wife Michele. Great time in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.

11-2018 Early Nov in WA (8)11-2018 Early Nov in WA (17)11-2018 Early Nov in WA (22)

Travel to Washington to spend November and first part of December in our second home, loving on our son’s family, including our great grandson Leeland.

11-2018 WA Ice Cream and Thanksgiving (42)

11-2018 WA Ice Cream and Thanksgiving (10)

11-2018 WA Ice Cream and Thanksgiving (49)

11-2018 WA Ice Cream and Thanksgiving (40)

So fun to have Thanksgiving Dinner in our new home, with Mark, Kristy, Tory, Conner, Caroline, and Leeland!

So, yes, I have so much to be thankful for, so much to be joyous about. But, perhaps because I am serious by nature, sometimes I realize I need to be more intentional about letting my JOY shine through.

I am working in a Joy Journal. These verses in yesterday’s study are a great reminder:

Psalm 47:

1 Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.

2 For the Lord Most High is awesome,
the great King over all the earth.

6 Sing praises to God, sing praises;
sing praises to our King, sing praises.
7 For God is the King of all the earth;
sing to him a psalm of praise.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Another for the “Books I Love” List {My Book Corner}

While we were in Washington, my granddaughter Tory (aka Delightful Joy Girl), home from missionary service in Mexico and staying with her parents while she transitions to “what’s next,” helped me unpack boxes in the kitchen of our new house.

Tory and I have shared a lot of time in the kitchen, and I sort of think of it as our special place (for cooking, baking, having coffee, and talking).

Here we are taking a break on our new patio. We had not only unpacked and organized all the kitchen but also baked a Wacky Cake.

09-01-2018 Tory helping unpack at 3303

While we were visiting, Tory shared with me about a book that is having a huge impact on her prayer life. It was a Christmas gift from her Aunt Sharida. The book is known by many but was new to me, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. Of course, she had no sooner mentioned it than I had ordered it from Amazon Prime and received it two days later.

I am still reading it, but I concur with Tory’s review. Priscilla provides strategies for dealing with the enemy in areas of life where he especially wants to gain a stronghold. It is a GREAT read.

I particularly love the chapter on “Your Family.” She presents thoughts from the viewpoint of Satan. It’s very interesting to be reminded so clearly of how the enemy thinks as he proceeds to attack believers.

Here’s my favorite part from the Family chapter:

“Is it your children? The Bible says our children are ‘like arrows in the hand of a warrior’ (Ps 127:4). We raise them up to shoot them out into the culture, bearing the image of Christ to the world.

“Sounds again, then, like a place that would qualify as a major area of concern for an enemy who doesn’t want any vestige of Christian valor and virtue running loose out there where…I don’t know, they might take a bold stand of faith and influence around their college friends.

“Might pastor a church or run a business or become involved in missions and ministry opportunities that honor Christ and actively serve hundreds of people. Worst of all, they might marry and raise up a whole other generation of little Christ followers, keeping your family burning red hot on enemy radar long beyond your lifetime, spinning up a legacy of faith that spirals forward undaunted into the future. Your enemy can’t be having any of that, now, can he?

“So don't be surprised when he starts coming after your kids. And don’t think it’s all because they’re being headstrong or peer dependent or careless or lazy. Satan knows the parts of their character—both their strengths and their weaknesses—where he can worm in and try stunting their growth, their potential, and their confidence.”

Wow. If you know me, or have read my posts for a period of time, you know that I’m all about legacy. You know that I am blessed to have children and grandchildren (and now a great grandson) who are serving God on the battlefield of the world (pastor son and wife planting a church, grandson worship pastor, his wife in preschool ministry, granddaughter missionary, daughter counselor and son-in-law strong layman and influential community leader…

Ya think the enemy might have a target on my family? Of course (and likely on yours as well?)…so yes, I need reminders of strategies to come up against the enemy who is powerful, but not all-powerful, as my God is.

So, I recommend this book, Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer.


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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Catching Up (Just Kidding)

Wow, I knew I was behind with blogging, but this is ridiculous. I’m reminded of “the olden days” when we would write real letters to family. Sometimes I would start with “I am so far behind I don’t even know where to start!”

While I do not attempt to use my blog for a life journal (I have other resources for that), I usually do “check in” at least periodically.

In an effort to move forward without too much of a huge break in the timeline, I’ll offer this bit of a summary report:

July – Pontoon Boat Rental on Lake of the Ozarks with our sister and brother (my sister Janene married to Russell’s brother David). A few days later, Newsboys Concert with them in Columbia, MO.

07-24-2018 Pontoon

07-27-2018 Columbia MO for Newsboys Concert

Late July, Tory returns (to her folks’ in Washington) from her two-year Journeyman (IMB) mission service in Oaxaca, Mexico. She gets to see her nephew Leeland for the first time.

07-24-2018 Tory returns from Oaxaca-PDX (6)

August – We went to Washington to see everyone, and while there purchased a second home there.

08-03 thru 08-10-2018 Trip to WA (13)

08-03 thru 08-10-2018 Trip to WA (32)

08-03 thru 08-10-2018 Trip to WA (46)

08-03 thru 08-10-2018 Trip to WA (85)

08-03 thru 08-10-2018 Trip to WA (33)

Kristy took

Late August, back to Washington, to move into the new house and begin to make our nest there.

08-24-2018 Leeland

08-26 thru 09-14-2018 WA to Move in Abernathy (34)


September 8, 2018

While in Washington, we celebrated our 53rd anniversary!


September 20-23, 2018

Upon our return to MO, Russell joined my brother Keith, Keith’s son Matt, and Russell’s brother David for a much-anticipated Wild Hog Hunt in Texas (Russell got 3; donated the meat). I caught up with lots of scrapbooking while they were gone, and Janene came to spend a night with me.

09-20 thru 23-2018 Hog Hunt (5)

09-20 thru 23-2018 Hog Hunt (23)

Russell’s brother Curtiss was at Janene and David’s for construction of their screened-in porch, and all the Ford siblings (David and Janene, Jim and Bettie Jo, Curt, Russell and me) gathered at their house for a great evening of fun and fellowship.

09-23 and 24 Siblings (3)

September 26, we received this great news, via text message from our 12-year-old grandson Dawson: “I gave my life to Christ tonight!!! Share with other people please!”


(I will confess that one of my first thoughts after receiving this good-news text from Dawson was that I wanted to immediately share the news with Mother. She has been in heaven since April 2013, but I still have occasions where my first thought is to tell her something.)

On September 30, Mark’s church plant, Go Church, launched in Ridgefield, WA, the culmination of a year of preparation and prayer by Mark (and Kristy, Conner and Caroline, and recently joined by Tory on the Praise Team) and their Core Group. All the hard work and effort paid off, and prayers were answered, as 166 folks attended the first-ever service.


God is so good to us, and His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness! Bible Art page completed today:

Bible Art - Lam 3-23

Friday, July 6, 2018

This ‘n’ That {Bible Art Journaling, Art on the Rocks, 100 Days of Bible Promises}

Spending a lot of time with scrapbooking, and I don’t usually post pictures of those layouts on my blog.

Have done a few miscellaneous projects--

Bible Art Ps 50-11

Bible Art Journaling on Psalm 50:11—
God knows all the birds…

Rock Painting Fish & Ladybug

I’m doing some rock painting, hoping to build up a collection of rocks labeled #islastones (for a little girl named Isla in the UK who has terminal cancer, the #islastones Facebook group is to raise awareness of pediatric cancer) to hide along the way as we take an upcoming road trip from MO to WA.

100 Days My Day 13

I’ve completed 13 of the 100 Days (not posting all on blog). Determined to move along with this book but not be obsessed with completing.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Good Times with Siblings {My Family, My Heart}

My husband and I are so blessed to have such very special siblings (and their spouses). My sister Janene (15 months younger than I) married my husband’s brother David, and then there’s my only brother Keith and his wife Michele.

Our favorite quotes:

“We are awesome.”

“We amaze ourselves.”


Recently we enjoyed one of our regular intentional get-togethers, this time a weekend at the home of my sister/Russell’s brother.

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (35)

We enjoyed great food and wonderful weather which allowed for lots of outdoor activities on Fordland.There was lots of coffee, conversation, and laughter.

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (1)

Asking God’s blessings on the food.

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (52)

What a fun bunch!

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (28)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (76)

These guys are hilarious (Janene made them pose for this picture before they did some target practice…obviously they aren’t really shooting here, as their ear protection is not on). There was conversation about the upcoming Wild Hog Hunt in Texas in the fall (along with Keith’s son Matt).

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (5)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (11)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (12)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (17)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (19)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (20)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (23)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (38)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (57)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (61)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (33)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (25)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (50)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (21)

Sassi cuddles up next to my brother, the dog whisperer

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (6)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (41)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (59)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (30)04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (8)

04-27 thru 04-29-2018 Sibling Sleepover (34)

That weekend was April 27-29.

On May 25, David and Janene and Russell and I drove to New Salem Theatre (close to Springfield, IL) to see Keith play the role of the Secretary of the Continental Congress in the musical “1776.” He was the best!

05-25-2018 Keith in 1776 Musical (1)05-25-2018 Keith's 1776 musical

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