Saturday, July 27, 2013

All for God’s Glory—Birdies Watercolor

birdies and heart

Working in my Purpose Driven Life altered book, I used watercolor on a sketch that I started several days ago.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Enjoying the Pacific Northwest

We are so very enjoying our visit with our son’s family in the Pacific Northwest. The area is breathtakingly beautiful, the weather is incredible, and we are being treated like royalty. What’s not to like?!

Kristy and I have enjoyed doing some art most every day. Today’s project was to sketch and watercolor some of the herbs that Mark has in his garden.

Mark's Herbs wmFor the background, I tore a page from the Spice section of a 1934 cookbook I found at an antique store in Longview. If you look really close, you can see words like parsley, mint, chives. Fun.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Art while in Washington


filling the days wm

Have lots of fun “stuff” to blog about from the beautiful state of Washington, when I can catch my breath. But for today I want to post a couple of pieces of art that I have completed for the Wild Art Summer class. It has been really fun working on some of the projects with my daughter-in-law. Notice I’m not posting HER work, as she is a “real” artist!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Botanicals Around My Home

With motivation from my summer art class, I took my Rebel T3i outside, just around the perimeter of my house and took several photos, from different perspectives. It was a great reminder, through a fresh perspective, of the beauty of God’s creation right around me each day!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Art Journal: Larkspur Watercolor

larkspur wm

Working in my altered “Purpose-Driven Life” book, still “out of my element” with watercolor, but it was fun anyway! The left side has a watercolor background but is mostly collage and some acrylic (more comfortable for me). The Wild Art Summer Class is very inspiring!

Often when I see something beautiful in nature, I think of this verse.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Art Journal: Peaceful Tent

tent repaired wm

(Click image to enlarge.)

This is another piece inspired by Junelle Jacobsen’s Wild Art Summer class. I am still struggling to be satisfied with less that exact, less than perfect, I am pleased with the “feeling” I was going for in this piece. I often need the reminder from Jesus, when he said to his disciples, “Come away with me. Let us go to a quiet place and rest for a while.” I was recently reminded by my son/spiritual mentor that solitude is often a necessary element for connecting with God.

I created this piece in my altered “Purpose-Driven Life” book. I started with a good coat of gesso and then used several shades of blue for the sky and several shades of green for the grass. I wanted to use cotton muslin for the tent, but since I did not have any on hand, I used some white crinoline, washed, scrunched and dried. I glued down the back side to the page, folded the fabric over twine, rolled back the flaps (adhered with fabric glue). I did not “stick down” the outside of the tent, so it is very bumpy and has lots of dimension, though it doesn’t show in the photo. I painted the tent with some white paint and lots of cream paint, and grunged it up with brown paint. I grunged up the whole thing with Coffee Archival Ink on a sponge.

repaired tent side view

Still so inexperienced with leaves and flowers. Working on it. I used a Uniball Signo for the white pen work and a Sharpie Fine Point and Molotow for the black lines.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sketch and Watercolor: Little Vintage Campers

pulling little camper edited wm

When were were little girls, my sister and I used to ask our mother to “tell us about the old timey-times.” I have always loved the good old days, so my current interest in all things vintage is really nothing “new.”

In my Wild Art Summer class, one of the projects involves sketching and painting little vintage campers. I just don’t have the knack yet—my sketches lack something. But I will keep practicing, and maybe I’ll just “get it” at some point!

vintage camper by the sea wm

The discussions in my class about “old campers” prompted me to get out a photo of our very first home, an 8 x 29 trailer, smaller than several of the campers we have owned since that time. I loved it!

Nashua Trailer-First Home w border

Ahhhhhh, the simple life!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Painting on 2x4: Wildflowers in Her Hair

wildflower hair front wmwildflower hair back wmwildflower hair left side and front wmwildflower hair right side and top wm

Made this 6-sided painting in the Wild Art Summer Class with Junelle Jacobsen. My husband cut and sanded a 2x4 for me. It was such fun to paint on the wood!.

Art Journal: Reflections—All My Needs

reflections reg ip cam 2 wm

(Click image to enlarge.)

I needed a break from class assignments, so I made this journal layout using some new products, along with stamps, Molotow markers, acrylic ink, and gauze (stained with spray ink).

It’s difficult to get a shot that shows shine. In this case, my motivation for doing this page was to use a couple of new products. I used a stencil with Silks Acrylic Glaze (Key Lime) as a resist, with Inka Gold Cobalt Blue painted all over the background. The angle in the photograph below shows the shine a little better, but not at all like “real life.”

reflections side view wm

What’s funny about the following picture is that the dove was NOT painted with the Silks Key Lime. It was cut from a page of scrapbook paper and then stamped! But the doily stencil is Key Lime, and the blue background is Inka Gold Cobalt Blue.


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