Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Across 45 Autumns

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Met him in 1959. Fell in love with him that day. Never dated anyone else. Married him in 1965. Love him more each day! Can't believe God blessed me with him!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

45 Years Ago Today

Bride and Groom
Excerpts from my life story journal on that date:
September 8, 1965
I awoke with the feeling that this was the day for which I had been born. At 10:00 I went to the beauty shop to have my hair done and a manicure (my first). I picked up the sheet cake and the flowers while in town and then spent a leisurely afternoon getting ready. Honoring tradition, I did not see or talk to Russell before the wedding.

At 7:00, time for the wedding, I was excited to death but not in the least nervous. I had not one second of doubt about what I was doing. I was consciously thinking, "Remember all this--remember how you feel and everything about this evening. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

There was an aura of unreality about the ceremony--an "I can't believe this is really happening, it's too good to be true, I'm the happiest person in the world" aura.

The girls wore mint green satin, full-length, sleeveless dresses, with matching pillbox headpieces. The men wore dark suits. Russell wore a black suit. I wore a floor-length white satin peau gown with an illusion veil secured to a pearl tiara. I carried white symbidium orchids from Russell on my white Bible that was my wedding gift from him.

The ceremony was brief--everything went perfectly. The ceremony was performed by Daddy, and Grandad walked me down the aisle. To the question, "Who gives this bride in marriage?," Grandad replied, "Her grandfather, in the name of her mother and father." (He had rehearsed his line many times and was quite nervous about his role.)

One highlight of the service was the "Home Dedication Ceremony," which required Russell to vow to establish and maintain a Christian home, including having a family altar. I vowed to support him in this.

When Russell placed the wedding ring on my hand during the double-ring ceremony, I saw my wedding ring for the first time. Tradition required that I not see it during our engagement.
Following the ceremony, the reception was held in the basement. The Frosted Lime Punch that Mother had made was delicious--it was so hot in the church that evening. There was a huge crowd; several were standing.

After the reception, there were pictures. I changed into my going-away outfit, a green wool suit that Mother had made, with matching hat. I transferred my orchid to the lapel of the suit.
My wedding gown, as well as all the bridesmaid dresses, were all handmade by Mother, in the six weeks preceding the wedding. The ring pillow was handmade by Mamo Eubanks (Mother’s mother).

Our first stop was Rolla, where we spent our wedding night in the Holiday Inn. The bill for the night was $9.27.

I felt that my whole life had just been a preparation leading up to marriage, and I was never so completely happy than when I realized I was finally married to the man I loved with all my heart, the one in God's plan for me.

 Today, celebrating with a nice day in the city--delicious lunch! The waitress (hoping for a nice tip, I'm sure) said we didn't look like we could even BE 45, much less have been married 45 years. Give that lady a hand!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating Labor Day Weekend Our Way

When someone asks me "What are your plans for the holiday weekend?," I have come to realize lately that my favorite answer is: "Well, church on Sunday, like usual, and then we are having our kind of holiday--we don't have ANY plans." Does that speak to our "age," or maybe to our "stage in life," to admit that our favorite plan sometimes is an un-plan?

On our property, Russell moved the fire ring and the picnic table up to a cleared spot a little "up the hill" from the previous location (it was close to the creek, and the weeds along the bank are so high that we can't see the water from down there). So, we enjoyed the beautiful outdoors yesterday evening.