Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Women of Valor Bible Study- Week 8: Hannah {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art Women of Valor - Hannah

One of my favorite women of the Bible is Hannah. She prayed for a son and vowed to dedicate that son to the Lord. Her prayer was answered, and she kept her vow. She took him to the temple, to leave him there, for service to the Lord.

I can’t imagine. I think I might have been kicking and screaming that I didn’t really mean God could like HAVE my son, to live in the temple and not at home! But not Hannah. Having left Samuel at the temple, before she departs, Hannah issues a prayer of thanksgiving.

“My heart exults in the Lord;

my horn is exalted in the Lord.

My mouth derides my enemies,

because I rejoice in your salvation.

There is none holy like the Lord:

for there is none besides you;

there is no rock like our God.”

(1 Sam 2:1-2)

Those of us familiar with Mary’s prayer of thanksgiving, known as the Magnificat, will hear echoes of that in Hannah’s first line. But the poem is Hannah’s own, and the imagery is rich and vivid. Just as her prayer of petition for a son was fervent and passionate, this one comes from the heart.

I admire Hannah so much, because in good times and bad, Hannah turns to the Lord. That legacy lives on in her son Samuel, a godly man and Israel’s last judge.

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