Monday, August 8, 2016

Thankful for Pets {Gratitude52 Art Journal}

G52#31 Pets

Well, obviously, when Prompt #31 for the Gratitude52 Art Journal, “thankful for pets,”came to my inbox,  I was required to do a page about our Sassi Girl. What could I sketch? Her bed, her bowl, a heart….those things I MIGHT be able to sketch. But I had never sketched a real animal. Nonetheless, I decided to try my hand at a simple amateur (duh) pencil sketch of our 13-year old tiny toy poodle. Didn’t spend a lot of time, as it wasn’t really a matter of time so much as not knowing any more about what to do to make it better. So, here it is, my first attempt at a real-animal sketch, and it does look enough like Sassi to make me think of her, and be thankful for her, when I see the picture.

We drove from Missouri to North Dakota to get her in 2003, when she was about 4 months old and weighed less than 3 pounds. I searched and searched for a tiny size and a wonderful personality, and it didn’t matter to us that it was in North Dakota that we found the perfect pet. We love road trips.

Her name, “Sassafras Tea for Two” reflects the expectation that she might have even stayed at teacup poodle size. Today she weighs about 7 pounds and is just a such a joy for us. Never has there been a better pet than Sassi. Her greatest desires in life are to (1) please us, and (2) be with us.


Sassi Girl Today (she usually does not have a clean-shaven nose like my sketch)

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Unknown said...

Great animal sketch. It looks like her. Also, the photo you posted is possibly the best, truest picture of her....waiting to see you all, including her, of course, are going to do.