Monday, April 6, 2015

Large-Eyed Thoughtfulness {Art Journal}

Thoughtful Big Eyes

I keep working at these little child-like girls, in the Permission to Play class with Mindy Lacefield. They are very tough for me, but I must want to do it, because I keep at it. The idea of this class is just to play, as you did as a child. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble. I don’t remember that much “free play” as a child. I do remember my childhood, remarkably well, actually. But, as the oldest of five, I was often “on task” (self-directed).

The other thing is, too much free play results in art that does not seem pretty to me. So, I guess I’ll keep struggling. I do like her expression, and it was fun building up the many layers on this page, starting with vintage papers adhered to the page, followed by lots of acrylic paint and pencil marks.

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