Friday, April 17, 2015

God’s Perfect Love {Bible Art Journaling}

BAJC Week 7 Perfect Love

I am enjoying art journaling in my Note Taker’s Bible. Every now and then I like to venture away from so much filling the page with color and artwork. In fact, I am finding that perhaps I PREFER the clean and simple. But I will continue to use variety, because I know my tendency is to have everything sort of look the same, after awhile.

So, this is my clean and simple illustration of "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear." The only "perfect love" is that of God the Father, whose son's death on the cross is the ultimate picture of just that--His Perfect Love. As if that weren't enough to think about, there is the promise here that perfect love brings this blessing: it casts out fear. Yay!! So, what should I do when I am afraid? Rely on the fact that God loves me, and His love can defeat all fear!

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