Wednesday, April 22, 2015

God SO loved us {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art Journaling John 3-16

For this illustration, I sketched and then colored with Inktense Watercolor Pencils. I like to use these pencils because they are permanent when dry (unlike other watercolors). I apply the wet paintbrush directly to the lead and then paint with it. I prep all my Bible art journaling pages with Art Basics Clear Gesso, applied with a foam brush, two thin coats per side of the page (dry between coats).

I struggle with the lettering on my Bible art pages. I am not skilled at special lettering. I have tried working on this skill with some classes and some books. I just can’t seem to “get there.” I always revert to my own style in the end.

Still, I think there is an advantage to using my own handwriting, as I did on this page. I know the few things I have with my grandmother’s handwriting are special to me. Seeing my dad’s handwriting in some of his books that I have also makes them more special.  I try to use some of my own handwriting in the journaling in each of my scrapbooks.

The same reasoning seems to apply here—I think maybe this will make the Bible more special for others in the years to come. So, I may not worry over how professional the lettering appears. After all, the art is just my own expression. Why shouldn’t the handwriting be as well? (Just thinking “out loud” here…)

This verse is an example of why I’m fine with using a King James Version Bible for my Bible Art Journaling (the only one I could find with journaling margins AND large enough print to read)…most of the Scripture memory I have done through the years has been from this version, so it’s comfortably familiar for me. I use other versions (primarily NIV and NASB) for study, but for selecting verses for art illustration, I enjoy using the KJV for the familiarity of previously-learned verses.

Bible Art Journaling John 3-16


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I so love this!

Mark Ford said...

Ok, first the drawing is really pleasing to the eye. I love the 3D effect and the brightness of the colors. As for your writing, it's great, and heres the thing: Did you know they don't teach cursive anymore? Give it 20-30 years and your writing will be viewed as ancient calligraphy is today.

Barbara said...

Anita, thank you! You are always so encouraging!

Barbara said...

Wow, Son, thank you for the compliments, and for the observation about handwriting. That is a great thought and a valuable contribution to my decisions as I work on Bible art.