Wednesday, April 29, 2015

God’s Provision {Bible Art Journaling}

Ps 103-5 Bible Art Journaling

I like the translation of this verse that says, “He fills my life with good things…,” and I have journaled that passage previously. But, my KJV says specifically, “He satisfies my mouth with good things.” Well, sorry, but that just makes me think of cupcakes. Yep, my obsession. He knows I love cupcakes. It’s okay if I illustrate this verse with something my mouth loves (LOL, but really)!

Ps 103-5 Bible Art Journaling

And, today, especially, this verse reminds me of God’s provision. I finished this Bible art this morning just before taking my husband for his second cataract surgery. His first was a year ago. While that surgery is routine for many, it is not so much for him, as he has a condition involving an abnormally low number of corneal cells that makes it more risky. The first eye did regain normal vision after about a month, which is pretty amazing given the low number of cells in that cornea. The few remaining cells re-positioned themselves to the place on the cornea where they are needed for vision. How can anyone doubt Divine Creation! This eye seems to already be doing better than the other shortly after surgery, so we are hopeful.

On the way home from the surgery center, my car made a stop at The Cup, where I had no choice but to go inside and get cupcakes for us. After my hubby wakes up from his post-surgery rest, we will enjoy a cupcake (mine with ice cream, please), while thanking God for His provision in the big things (like vision) and the small (like cupcakes, that satisfy my mouth)!

04-29-2015 Cupcakes from The Cup

God is SO good!

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