Friday, January 30, 2015

Rejoice: God’s Providence {Bible Journaling}

Sometimes when I do a page in my Journaling Bible, it seems too simple to photograph or “record” on my blog. Maybe instead of hand-lettering the words, I use stamps. Maybe instead of sketching flowers, I use a stamp. Recently it has come to my attention that many gals who are doing art in the margins of their Bibles (whom I have met online) are discouraged when they see mainly the beautiful semi-professional work of some. While I love seeing those pages, sometimes it can be intimidating and discouraging for those of us who are beginners at expressing our thoughts in art and who are not skilled at beautiful hand lettering. SO, I will post some of my “simple pages” because I want to be an encouragement.

I Can Do All Things Bible Journal

I did this page a few weeks ago. I used stamps, even for the flowers. The background is paint. When I cover the words of the Bible, I do so with transparent colors, such as Prisma Colored Pencils, like I used here for the sun. This page was fun because it contains two of my favorite verses!

Rejoice in the Lord Bible Journal

This page happens to be on the facing page of the picture at the top of this post. In the margin on the back side of the “Rejoice” art is a piece that bled through badly. So I had already painted this margin (gesso and yellow watercolor) a few weeks ago, to cover the bleed-through. Today, I stamped the word rejoice, hand sketched a vine and flower. I’ve always been challenged by the verse that says we should always rejoice. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes I want to respond, “Really? Now? In this?”


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Sorry it's been a while! LOVE your Bible special and so gorgeous!

Linda said...

Hello Barb, I love your pages. I think it's great that you covered your page with light pencil so that it can still be read and underlined, if you wish. I'm not a pro either, and I really enjoy seeing the work of others who aren't pros. So thank you for your willingness to share your work. It encourages me that I can do the same with my bible. In fact, I have one on order right now. Thanks again....Linda E.

Barbara said...

I so appreciate the encouragement from these comments. Linda, I hope to see some of your Bible journaling!

Rushd Lady said...

Ah! Another Missourian! On YouTube, Valerie Sjodin uses a product to prevent bleed-through on her Bible journaling pages. She's one of those professionals you mentioned that I'm in awe of. I'm more of a stamper/simple doodler myself. But then Stephanie always says "no perfection allowed" and "you what you have," so you have the right idea. Have a great week and thanks for sharing, because I've been on a journey tonight to see what others have been doing in their faith-books.