Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Afterglow {Family}

Note: I have a friend who has several interest areas, as I do. I have noticed that she uses brackets in her blog titles, to notate the “area” of that particular post. Using that convention, this post will be about {Family}.

You, my faithful readers, may thank me now for NOT posting all of the pictures I took during our family Christmas at our home in Missouri. I take pictures. That’s what I do. When my granddaughters were toddlers, they so equated my camera with me, that they would point to the camera and say, “Mamo.” Not only do I take pictures. I print them (*gasp*), even in this digital era. Not only do I print them, but I scrapbook them. Yep, that’s one of my “areas.” I usually do not post pictures of my scrapbook pages, because they are more personal in nature. Also, I put several photos on each layout, and that doesn’t fit “the trend” of current scrapbooking, where a tiny picture might be in the center of a 12x12 page, with tons of embellishments adorning. Those pages (done by others) look gorgeous, but that method is not practical for me, in light of the huge number of photos I scrapbook.

So, just as a brief recap, we had a wonderful Christmas. Nonetheless, this year began what will likely be the case from now on, with our growing (and growing-up) family. That is, for the first time, we made the statement, “This year everyone was able to come home for Christmas except ___.” This year, it was Alyssa whose work schedule got in the way. But, joining us for the first time was our grandson Conner’s future wife, Caroline (wedding in 3 days!!!!!! Yikes!!!!).

Family Pictures, a tradition

Mamo and Grandad with the Grand Ones, Caroline, Tory, Conner and Dawson (missing Alyssa)

Our Lovebirds

Mark’s Girls (his wife Kristy, daughter Tory, almost-daughter-in-law Caroline)


Our Christmas Eve Snack Buffet



Our Christmas morning always begins with a reminder of why we celebrate, the reading of the Christmas Story from Luke 2, with carols sung throughout.


Always, always, at our house, the music.


(I really miss this, this singing around the piano, when the kids are far away.)


(One can only handle so much fun.)

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