Friday, January 23, 2015

Walk in Truth {Bible Journaling}

Bible Journaling Ps 86-11

So many projects this new year, most all dealing with Bible passages, but had not done a page in my Journaling Bible for a while. This is one of the verses I am memorizing for the SSMT and is a passage I used for Documented Life and Documented Faith.

Simple entry this time—my own scribbly handwriting, with Pan Pastel behind the words.

It occurs to me that the ONLY way to WALK IN TRUTH is through God’s leading.


Linda said...

Hello Barbara. I really enjoy seeing your Bible Art Journaling. I'm just wondering, do you spray your page with a fixative when your done? Thanks, Linda E.

Barbara said...

Linda, great question! I only use a fixative (Krylon Workable Fixatif) if the piece has a medium that will fade or rub off. That IS the case with Pan Pastels, so I DID spray this with Krylon. Also, I put down a light coat of gesso first. That's because I don't like bleed through, and even though Micron pens (what I use) are the least inclined to do that, even they bleed through some. So, since the gesso is "whiter" than my Bible page (it's an ivory), I usually cover the background with something (like Pan Pastels) that won't make the ink run and that will add some color. The Pan Pastels can be blended directly on top of the ink. Thanks for the encouragement!