Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Little Babies

Oh dear. We live in the woods and are used to seeing wildlife—lots of bird nests, baby birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, etc. But yesterday my husband heard a noise in the flower bed and pushed the flowers aside with the shovel, expecting to find a critter. Imagine his surprise when he found these little ones:

Two little kittens

No, we do not own a cat.

We have noticed a cat, apparently a stray, around the area (we live on five acres of woods) occasionally, but certainly not regularly. These kittens look to me to be about 3-4 weeks. Now I’m worried because I haven’t actually seen the mother cat coming or going, so I have to watch carefully now, to see if they are being fed. They look well-fed so far, but what if she is not feeding them?

Oh dear. I wonder if she brought them here from where they were born? I just can’t imagine they could be this old without our having a clue that they were there. They ARE on the side of the house where we don’t frequent. But still.

Now what?


Ann said...

Give their mom time to wean them, or if she doesn't return, give them names, take them to the vet for their baby shots, etc., feed 'em and love 'em. Who can resist those precious faces?
Can you tell I'm a cat lover?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a cat lover, but they are too precious to leave...try and find a good home for them if you can't be their new mom.

Barbara said...

Oh, not to fear. I may not be a cat-lover but I am an animal baby lover, and rest assured I will take good care of them. I put some food out close to them for the mom, and I'll try to watch to make sure she is coming to feed them. After they are weaned I will find homes for them. I just have to make sure she is returning to feed them (in case something happened to her).

PlumTuckered's Paper Plays said...

I imagine those babies are 6 to 8 weeks of age judging by their eyes and their fullness in the faces. I'd put some tuna fish and water out for them during the day but nothing at night in case Mamma doesn't return..the smell of food will draw predators.

Kim said...

Oh my god, how cute!!We lost our little black (well, 20 lbs of him) boy last winter. If I still didn't have 3 I'd offer to adopt. There used to be an agency in upstate NY that had a program to catch, spay/neuter, give rabies vaccines to strays, then release if they were too old or feisty to adopt. Maybe there is something like that near you.