Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mama Kitty Returns

SimeyThis morning I saw her surreptitiously return to feed her babies. Whew! At least I know they are being fed. But she is SO skinny. I put out some scrambled eggs when she wasn’t looking. Later I could see that she had eaten a little bit. Strangely, it is clear that she is Siamese, probably purebred. She has all the markings, including the ears and the blue eyes. I am going to post a “FOUND” poster at a nearby intersection. But she doesn’t have a collar. Surely someone didn’t just “drop off” a pregnant SIAMESE cat….

I spoke gently to her, and she didn’t run away immediately. She kept looking at me. But she isn’t ready to come to me yet. I wish someone would respond to the poster, but if not, I will have a mama cat and two pretty babies to give away.


MA said...

That's great that you are putting up a poster. You could also take the mommy cat to a vet to see if she has a microchip. That way if she does they can scan it and find the owner. Might explain why she doesn't have a collar. See if there are any cat rescue organizations in your area as well as the local animal shelter. If no owner is found that is a good way to get the Mom and kittens the care that they need and the kittens will get adopted as soon as they are old enough.

Barbara said...

Thanks for these good suggestions, MA.

Lynn said...

I have a Siamese. Love the breed. She most likely escaped when she was in heat. Checking with the neighboring vets is the first step. Also check with local Humane Society. Owners may have called to let them know she was missing.

Barbara said...

Thanks for all the helpful comments here, and in my yahoo group. Right after I put up the poster (that same day), the mama and babies disappeared. We think she must have a home on the other side of our woods, because I had put out food for her, so she knew she could eat if she stayed. Then several days later, the two kittens, appeared in my yard, walking around and meowing loudly. I put out tender cat food, and they ventured out to eat it. But then they disappeared again and have not returned. I really think they have a home close by.