Monday, May 7, 2012

Quality Family Time

Busy, busy time of year, especially this year, with two granddaughters graduating from high school. Senior years bring all kinds of “this is the last…..” moments…how well I remember from when my own children were at that stage.

Last weekend we spent some time in the southwest part of our state, where our daughter’s family lives. Thursday evening our grandson was in a Kindergarten Musical (so cute!).


 IMG_1614 IMG_1621



Being a teacher (even kindergarten—for one year—that was one year too many), I always enjoy visiting my grandchildren’s classrooms.

 IMG_1653 IMG_1655  IMG_1662IMG_1660

After the program, we enjoyed Burgers and Ice Cream at the local Braum’s. Dawson opened his birthday gifts from us (he turned six on April 20). He’s into Star Wars Legos (and he IS the Lego champ!).

Dawson's BD Gifts D is a Lego champ

Friday Russell played in a golf tournament with several of his retired superintendent friends. His team won their flight in the tournament.

Russ Supt Golf Tourn

My daughter and I enjoyed a nice lunch, a rare and treasured opportunity to have some “just us” time.

Sharida and Mom at Lunch 2

Friday evening was the long-awaited (since she was a freshman) last Spring Concert for Alyssa. She had a solo during the program, and can I just say, it was perfect.

 IMG_1667 IMG_1669 IMG_1670  IMG_1679 IMG_1745IMG_1743

My greatest blessings in life call me “Mom” or “Mamo.”

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