Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Senior coffee, please?

Sometimes God sends me little tiny blessings, just because He is especially fond of me. I try not to “miss it” when He does.

Today I had the unpleasant task of renewing my driver’s license. Not a big deal, but I don’t like it. But the expiration date was today. Afterward, I treated myself to “breakfast” at the McDonald’s drive-through.

“May I take your breakfast order?”

“A sausage biscuit and a senior coffee, please.”

She gave me the total and told me to pull around. At the first window, the lady, older than middle-aged, looked at me and then at the empty seats in my car. She said, “So, do you have an old man tied up in the back?”

I wondered what in the world she meant. I said, “No. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you ordered a senior coffee, and it’s obviously not for YOU.”

“OH, my,” I replied. “You just made my day. Because, as it happens, today is my birthday, and I really needed to hear something encouraging today.”

“How old are you—45?” (obviously kidding)

“I’m 65 today,” I confessed.

“Wow, I only hope….well, let me just say, I wish I looked as good as you, NOW.”

I thanked her again for making my day. A little thing, of course. Call it vanity (you would be right), but it DID help make my birthday a little brighter.

Little blessings…because He is especially fond of ME…

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