Sunday, July 10, 2016

Recipe for Gratitude52 Art Journal

G52 Prompt 27 Recipes

Prompt #27 for Gratitude52 Journal 2016: Share or illustrate a favorite recipe.

Wow, I have MANY favorite recipes, as I’ve always been a “cook” and come from a long line of cooks. We have lots of family recipes. But for these prompts, I usually go with whatever pops into my mind first. In this case, we had just made homemade ice cream for our July 4 celebration.

In the old timey-times, we never worried about consuming raw eggs. So, my standard recipe through the years was this simple recipe that called for raw eggs. I made it many, many times, especially for family camping trips (in those wonderful days when my children were home and we did so many fun things together).

In recent years, I have tried some recipes that require cooking the mixture. It is very inconvenient, and just not the same. With some research I discovered I could use my original recipe and just substitute liquid eggs (pasteurized). Yep, as delicious as I remembered it, with no health concern.

G52 Prompt 27 Recipes

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Unknown said...

Yes it is! Delicious. Sweet and creamy. And cold.