Monday, May 16, 2016

Golf Outing {Scrapbook}

Golf SB LO Left

Left-hand page

Golf SB LO Right (pocket)

Right-hand page

Deciding to post a few more things in addition to my art projects. I scrapbook most all of my pictures, and I take a lot of pictures. I rarely share my simplistic layouts on my blog. However, the simple style works for me, allows me to incorporate some art now and then, and provides opportunity to include a lot more photos than if I made every page an art presentation.

Recently I was the “ride-along” while my husband and son played golf on a beautiful day, at a beautiful course.

I use Creative Memories albums and pages, combining full-page 12x12 staple-hinged pages with the 12x12 multi-pocket pages. The double-page spread doesn’t photograph well, but here is the way it looks with the album open.

Golf SB LO spread

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