Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Colorful Blessings {Inspirational Coloring Book Pages}

Colorful Blessings p1

Colorful Blessings p2

So, when the adult coloring book craze hit, I ignored it, because I didn’t want to divert my time and attention from my needed practice on art.

But I always loved to color. In fact, in my previous life, I would have sworn that “coloring” in a color book was the closest I could get to art. So, when I saw these cute little coloring books that are full of inspirational/devotional content and Scripture verses, I couldn’t resist, especially since I already owned PrismaColor Premier colored pencils, and these books are really inexpensive, I think.

I knew I wanted spiral binding and printed only on one side. So, I love this “Colorful Blessings” book from Ronnie Walter. Her drawings make me happy, and they are not so complex that it takes the fun out of it. Still, even the simple drawings take way more time to color than I anticipated.

Sooooo, this is what I do when I want a break from scrapbooking or art projects. Besides, I can do this WHILE….like while I’m “watching” the Cardinals game.

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