Saturday, August 8, 2015

Practicing Whimsical Faces {Art Journaling}

My Favorite Girl

Finally, a few moments to do something “artistic” that is just because I want to, and not for a challenge. I sketched her and then used watercolor crayons to paint her.

I am just about over my head in challenges this year, and I’m in the process of pruning them, to be honest. My Bible art journaling I do just because I want to, not usually part of a challenge. Otherwise, most all the art I have done recently has been basically an “assignment.” When it becomes a chore instead of a joy, time to back down on some things!

I had not done anything “artsy” for a while. It was quite therapeutic. I am not good with faces, and would never attempt a real portrait, but it is fun to create a whimsical character. To see her come alive on the paper was pure fun! I will keep practicing.

(Note to my readers: I do not post everything I do, believe it or not. I scrapbook for hours (days!) on end and rarely if ever show those projects. I also have various art projects that I only post in some private groups or not at all.)


Nancy Happily said...

You must really be like a certain energized bunny when it comes to creating art! :-) Your mind must be a whirlwind of ideas and creativity. I can't even begin to imagine. I envy you. I pray that God continues to bless you in every way.

Barbara said...

Thanks for taking the time to encourage me, Nancy. Keep in mind, I have an empty nest and am retired--couldn't have done all (any) of this when my children were home! But, it's always shocking to me when someone refers to my "creativity," because I spent most all my years thinking/saying "I'm not creative." Guess I can start to see myself a little differently now, and I guess I finally allowed my mind/heart to have some time and space to actually BE creative.