Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memory Keeping: Creative Memories {Scrapbooking}

CM multipocket page w Strut Your Stuff cards

Creative Memories multipocket page, using Creative memories Strut Your Stuff Slide-in Cards

CM Multipocket page-jeep ride

Creative Memories multipocket page using my own artwork and a card from my stash

CM multipocket w pretty in pastel cards

Creative Memories multipocket page using Creative Memories Pretty in Pastel Slide-in Cards

CM large pocket pages

Creative Memories layout with a multipocket page on the left and a large-pocket page on the right

Well, never one to let myself be bored (what is that, anyway, seriously?), my intense search and re-search for MY scrapbooking system has led me down an interesting path (interesting=not boring). My journey into scrapbooking (which became my lifelong passion) began in 2004, when my sister-in-law introduced me to Creative Memories and I realized that keeping memories in “their” way was a perfect match for “my” way. I had always kept pictures nicely organized in photo albums since 1977, when I gathered all my pictures and purchased albums with money earned from giving piano lessons. And I always wrote on the backs or on labels under them (“journaling”). But I never thought I could keep ALL the many pictures I take, in scrapbooks. I became convinced that I could do it, and my first scrapbook, a Creative Memories 12x12 album, was completed a month or so after my introduction. I was hooked.

Humming along, about 40 albums and a few years later, Creative Memories went out of business. I embarked on an expedition to find a “new” scrapbooking system. I will not even report about all the things I tried (and returned or gave away) during that time. FINALLY, last December, I learned that Creative Memories was back in business. Well, then, so was I. Merry Christmas to me.


Along with the wonderful 12x12 albums (in beautiful color choices), and the resurrection of several well-loved tools, they have added multipocket pages. That is of interest to me, to mix in with the 12x12, as one of the many methods I researched was the Project Life method. Not for me, but I do like interspersing some pocket pages here and there.

So, my current “system” is to use Creative Memories albums with their 12x12 pages and their multipocket pages. The pictures at the top of this post are examples from my most recent album.

To this point, all the hundreds I have spent on Creative Memories products have been as a [happy] customer. Yesterday when I checked out on the web site, a window popped up to ask if I was interested in becoming an advisor. I followed the links for more information and voila! I am now a Creative Memories Independent Advisor, with my own web site for ordering (for myself, or for anyone who wants to order their CM products through my web site). Can’t argue with saving money on products I am going to be using anyway.

So, if you are interested in ordering CM products (or looking around to see if there is anything you need, or to read about becoming an Advisor), just follow this link and you will be on my CM Advisor site.

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