Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three Nails {Art Journal}

Three Nails

One of my recent art journal challenge prompts was “NAILS.” Clearly, there are numerous directions in which to go with this one. I usually go with what first pops into my head.

Two praise songs came to mind immediately when I read this challenge: the line from "Living He Loved Me (O Glorious Day)" (Casting Crowns) that says, "He took the nails for me," and the line from Leeland's "Yes You Have," that says, "Three nails gave me liberty." Choosing the latter for this layout, I sketched and watercolored three spike-type nails, and the rest of the layout is acrylic paints and stamps.

Three Nails

The lines from the song that I used for the journal are profound. It was because of God’s love for me that my freedom was purchased. The price was the sacrifice of His Only Son, nailed to a cross, because “the wages of sin is death.” He “took the nails for me.”

Hallelujah, He did not stay on the cross, nor did He remain in the grave. His salvation is offered to all who believe.

So, yeah, I SHOULD sing His praise!


McStamper said...

Beautiful pages. Love the music you used.

Barbara said...

Thank you!!

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