Monday, June 15, 2015

Clocks and Time {Art Journal}

Clock Challenge Art Journal

I have my bags packed for a cross-country trip. “Bags” includes several bags and boxes of studio supplies, as I will be gone for quite some time. After packing, I received an art journal challenge prompt, “The Clock Strikes,” and I realized that I have enough supplies, not packed away, to complete this challenge quickly. So I rushed through it, but at least I will be not be behind on this challenge (two per week) when I leave on the trip.

This is a topic that could go in so many different directions. It’s a topic I have on my mind a lot lately, as time seems to be flying by even faster now than it did when my children were younger.

Clock Challenge Art Journal

(Oh, and what does it say, that I have several bags and boxes packed from my studio, and still have so many supplies on hand that you can’t even tell anything is missing? Don’t answer that question.)

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