Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strength for the Weary {Faith Art}

DLP May 30 Texture and DF Strength

There are some words that convey such a strong meaning for me that there should be a literary term for those kind of words. It’s not onomatopoeia (which means the word sounds like what it means—like “splash” or “hiss”). Maybe there is a literary term already (anyone?).

One of the words that should have its own literary description is “rest.” It is a wonderful word to me.

In this case, the word “weary” just calls to mind a strong image (for me). It’s more than “tired;” it’s more than “exhausted”—I can’t put it into words, but “weary” makes me think of a physical/mental/emotional state that begs for treatment.

Maybe that’s why I have always loved this verse in Isaiah. As a Christ-follower, there IS a treatment for me when I am weary. I can rely on the strength of my God and Savior. It is another one of those gifts that I want to choose to accept: HIS strength. (Then there is that verse in the New Testament that takes it even further—HIS STRENGTH is made perfect in my weakness—just think of that!).

Take Two on Strength DLP

I love this.

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