Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Travel Journal {Off-Road Trails}

DLP June 6 Travel Journal

blackeyed susan  yucca plantcone flower

flowers on sxs trails

Documented Life Project: June Theme -Travel Journaling
June 6 - Art Challenge: Illustrative Art Journaling
Journal Prompt:  Take Me Away
Coincidentally, this week's challenge came to my email minutes after my husband and I had left the house on a "take me away" weekend, four-wheeling at a state park with my sister and her husband (who happens to be my hubby’s brother--my sister and I married brothers...they have been married 47 years, we have been married 49 years). While on our rides through the off-road trails in a MO state park, I snapped photos of some of the flowers and then illustrated them when I returned. So, it was easy to choose what to do for this challenge.






The four of us have traveled many places, and to several countries, together. Being not the bravest of the group, I was a bit apprehensive that it might seem like some of the trails were risky, but I was fine. My brother-in-law, leader of the pack, told me that he considered which trails to take in light of TOB (thinking of Barbara). I appreciate it!

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Mark Ford said...

Love it. Wow, can't believe you can do art like that. Very nice.