Friday, May 8, 2015

How Beautiful are the Feet {Art Journaling}

How beautiful are the feet

I am participating in an art journal challenge that has this prompt for this week: FEET. For me, most any “prompt” will bring to mind a Scripture passage or a relevant quote (happens when you have lived a lot of years). When I saw today’s prompt, right away I thought of the lovely passage in Isaiah 52:7 that says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…”

This verse is a favorite of our granddaughter Tory, who just finished her junior year in college, preparing for service on the international mission field. As I thought of her, I remembered that I had seen a couple of her Instagram pictures of her feet/shoes, during the last year or so. So, I snagged those pictures and printed them to go along with the verse from Isaiah.

If I were a real artist, I would paint a picture of beautiful feet on a mountain. But, since I’m not, and I play in mixed media, I’ll illustrate the sweet concept of these beautiful feet in my own way, in my messy art journal!


Mark Ford said...

One of my favorites that you've done, of course. How proud are we as her parents and grandparents? So proud.

Barbara said...

Yes, we are so proud of our granddaughter and her desire to serve, as well as her parents who "trained her up in the way she should go."