Friday, May 15, 2015

He Reigns {Art Journal}

He Reigns Art Journal

Responding to an art journal challenge again, this one specifies using a crown. The words that came to mind immediately included “Jesus, King of Kings,” “Crown of Thorns,” “He is My King,” “Here Comes the King,” and other older songs on that theme.

But the image that came to mind, along with a crown, was the earth. That reminded me of  a Newsboys song that I always have loved, because it’s the only praise song I know well that refers to the people in Africa and Asia and all over the world singing, “Hallelujah, HE REIGNS!”

And, if I may stick my neck out a bit (and I may because it is, after all, my blog), I love that it does not imply that everyone, everywhere is “all God’s children.” Note that the song references “redeemed,” “believers” and “the forgiven.” I do believe that, while we are all God’s creations, we only become God’s children when we accept His offer of forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. THEN we truly sing “Hallelujah, He Reigns!”

So, using my brand new Dyan Reaveley paints, I put down a black coat of paint and simply painted the images and used some of the lyrics.

He Reigns Art Journal

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