Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cheerful Heart {Art Journaling}

DLP May 9 Cheerful Heart Good Medicine

This week’s challenge in The Documented Life Project Art Journal 2015 is:

May Theme - Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 9 Art Challenge:  Stitching
Journal Prompt:  "All that I'm after is life full of laughter."

While I honestly believe that the quote that is presented for this week's prompt is a false philosophy, I realize it may be true for the original quote-er, so I'll take it only as a "prompt" (as it is intended to be) about laughter or happiness in general, and go with a favorite Bible passage about laughter and happiness, cheerfulness and joy. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" (KJV) or "A cheerful heart is good medicine" (NIV). Proverbs 17:22a.

For the stitching challenge, I used my sewing machine to apply stitching on each of four tags, onto which I stamped Graphic 45 “olde curiosity shoppe” stamps to illustrate medicine bottles.

Not only do I disagree with the quote in this week’s prompt, but I see it is a statement of a very empty and meaningless life philosophy. Seriously, that’s “all” you are “after?”

The source of my joy and happiness (and laughter) is the One who created me.

DLP May 9 Cheerful Heart Good Medicine


Mark Ford said...

Like the old "Reader's Digest" section called "Laughter Is The Best Medicine." I used to read those at Grams' and Gramps' house. I never realized the title came from Scripture. Cool.

Barbara said...

Yes, Mark, I always have that same thought when I think of the Scripture about "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" (KJV, from my memory, of course). I think about that Reader's Digest section, and I always associate it with the RD at Grams' and Gramps'--she always continued to read that magazine, transferring to large print in her latter years.