Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day Story and a {Wood Block Project}

My husband was raised in a home with three boys (and a girl), where remembering to give cards was not a high priority. We did exchange Valentines, as I recall, when we were dating. But our first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds, I gave him a Valentine, but him for me, not. His excuse: “I didn’t have time to get a card.” My response was carefully measured, as I wanted it to last a lifetime. I pointed out that, while I knew he had been very busy, Valentine’s Day had been coming since Valentine’s Day last year, and the cards had been out in the stores for at least a month. So I explained how much that holiday meant to me and suggested that if he ever needed an excuse for missing it again, that he please not use that one.

Seems funny now. That was in 1966. He has never forgotten since then! He really does want to please me, that’s his heart, and he “took to heart” my disappointment all those years ago.

Today, he made an excuse to “run into town,” and while he was gone, I put the finishing touches on a surprise Valentine I was making for him.

When he returned, he made up a story to call me into the kitchen, where he presented me with a beautiful Valentine bouquet.


So, I pulled out the hidden Love Block that I had made for him. The heart is made from vintage sheet music manipulated with decoupage. I painted the block with a buff acrylic paint and used white ink to write part of our favorite love passage from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13.

This was a lot more fun than cards!

IMG_6075IMG_6076 w heartIMG_6077

From our wedding pictures, September 8, 1965:

The Rings

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