Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow Play {Mindy Primitive Girl Art Journal}

Snow Play Take 2

Mindy Lacefield is an online friend. She lives in Arkansas (so she feels a bit like family). She is known for her primitive girls, a child-like style of art that is whimsical and nostalgic at the same time (for me). I am taking her 11-month class called “Permission to Play.” I need that!

For this piece, I used my heavy watercolor paper journal that already has some Mindy art from a previous class (Sunday Mornings). Lots of layers of acrylic paint, applied with brushes and a brayer, form a background with the suggestion of a snowy day. These little primitive girls have grown on me a bit, as they remind me of what I might have drawn as a child, if I had drawn at all back then. I did not do art as a child, because I didn’t think I could. Now that a whole new world has opened for me, though I am not really “an artist,” even now, I like the child-part of me that comes into “play” when I do a piece like this.

Usually the other side of the journal spread would have a focal thought or verse. But, with the theme of “permission to play,” I decided just to keep it simple like this, with no “agenda.” It was so fun just to play in the paint!


Nancy Happily said...

I'm always so excited to see your blog posting in my email! Your message today about playing in the paint, really hit me. You encouraged me to just jump in and try my best. Thank you!

Barbara said...

Nancy, that is so encouraging to me, so I'm glad I could encourage you!! Thank you for following along on my blog!!