Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Birdies on Canvas {Sketch and Paint}

Little Love Birds

One of my supply companies accidentally sent me a shipment of 4x5 canvas boards (flat). They told me to keep them, so I used one of them on this little sketch and paint (acrylics).


Nancy Happily said...

Both days' birds are so cute. The upside down bird made me laugh. How do you come up with or find such great quotes like the Thoreau qoute?

Barbara said...

Nancy, thank you. I most often use Bible verses in my art, so I might search for "Bible verses abou birds" on google. In this case, I searched for "quotes about birds"" and then sifted through several until I found one about chickadees. I love it! Hope this helps.

Linda said...

This is adorable, Barb...Linda E.

Nancy Happily said...

Thanks Barbara,
I wondered if bloggers have some sort of library. Perhaps a collection of books by famous and/or clever folks.