Sunday, May 18, 2014

From My Studio: A Plethera of Finished Projects

I am somewhat behind with posting my little projects, and though no one really cares except me, I do like the process of posting, because I enjoy “finishing,” and I’ve always loved the feeling of “accomplishment,” even when the finished product may not be outstanding—for me, there has always been value in “having done all.” I’m weird like that.

It also occurred to me that in the posting of a few pictures I have of projects recently finished, there is a glimpse into the various types of “work” I am doing right now, mostly based on techniques learned in online classes.

“She is trying to find her own style…”…Ya think? Not there yet, so for now, I just keep doing what appeals to me at the moment. Some of these types of art I probably will not continue to pursue, so that’s a sort of “narrowing down,” right?

This post does not include Smash journal pages (I have four of those journals in process right now) nor does this particular one happen to include any acrylic painting, and I am in the middle of that type of work as well (and, in fact, may be realizing that I love acrylic the most?)… Otherwise, this is a good sampling of what I’ve been doing the last few days. All of the art pieces involve sketching first and then painting.

“Creative girls” (techniques learned from Danielle Donaldson’s watercolor class):

princess creative girl w cornered border

bright girl w pint border

Sweet and whimsical watercolor pieces inspired by an artist friend:

Pink Petunia w cornered border the usualNaptime Nellie Teddy Bear Watercolor w pint borderpolka dot girl w hassel border

little hummingbird w cornered and grunge

Scrapbook layout using pictures my daughter posted on Google Plus (Note: I always have scrapbook pages in process at all times but rarely post pictures of them.)

Two-page LO of Dawson sports

So, there you have it. I have just today begun a wonderful class called “Sunday Mornings,” a faith-based art class that I am loving. Will blog about that soon.

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Tori B. said...

Love them all! Lovely work.