Saturday, May 10, 2014

Teddy Bear Watercolor

teddy bear girl

At the risk of making this sound like one of those “I walked to school with the snow up to my chest” stories, let me just say that I really never had many stuffed animals when I was a small child. (I do remember having a stuffed elephant, “Reddy Gray,” when I was about 3.) So, once I could actually own a teddy bear (never mind that it was after I had teenagers myself), I went a little crazy.

teddy bears

So, inspired by an online friend who enjoys sketching and painting teddy bears, I am having some fun with it in my sketch book.

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Linda said...

Love the story and the wc sketch. Happy Mother's Day to you...Linda E.

DVArtist said...

Never too late to fill child hood dreams. Love the teddys

Giggles said...

Lovely teddy bear! I remember a day when my daughter and I took a similar photo of all her teddy's so similar to this!! Very inspirational....I kept some of her bigs ones and they're in my bedroom now!

Hugs Giggles

Annabelle said...

Nice work on the Teddy Bear.Your collection sure gives much for painting inspiration. You'll have even more to add to the collection if you end up painting more of them, maybe in a special journal just for Teddies.Have a Happy Mother's Day.


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