Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vintage Photo Block Project

Using 2x4 wood blocks, cut to match the size of the photographs, I made a couple of memory blocks. The first one is a studio picture made when I was three.

Block with Barbara Kay age 3 w border wm

Block Side View BK Age 3 w border wm

The second block is a double-sided “then and now” block., with “the story” journaled on the bottom of the block.

Block with Barbara Kay and Janene at piano 1950 w border wm

I’m on the left, and my sister Janene (15 months younger) is on the right. This was taken at my grandmother’s house in 1950. My Aunt Lucy was quite a pianist, and these two pieces of sheet music from this picture came to me recently.

Block with Barbara at piano 2014 w border wm

At my baby grand piano, April 2014, with Aunt Lucy’s now vintage sheet music.

I took a picture with a bit of a side view, of each block, because otherwise it’s hard to tell it is three-dimensional.

Block Side View BK at piano 2014 w border wmBottom of Vintage Piano Block w border wm

Each block was sanded, painted with multiple layers of paint, the photo adhered with glue stick, then several layers of Brush On Lacquer, with much drying time between each layer.

This project was more involved than I anticipated, but I’m always happy to have a memory preserved!!

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Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

SO COOL!!! That vintage photo is perfect! Great block!