Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunday Mornings Class: Week One-Praying Girl

prayer portrait c

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Although I was familiar with the work of Mindy Lacefield (one of her special styles is “primitive girls” as in the style of this one I just completed), I had never taken one of her classes or attempted to emulate her style of art. She has just started a free class that she felt called to offer, and it has already been such a personal blessing. Amazingly, over 600 have signed up to take the class! It is unapologetically a Christian art class, and it is awesome. It is not too late to sign up for the class, and the lessons are available for a year:

Sunday Mornings class by Mindy Lacefield

The first lesson included not only a tutorial on making the praying girl, but also some “calls to worship,” inspiring videos, and a writing prompt. Some years ago I began occasionally writing out my prayers, so I was already comfortable with this “stream of consciousness” type of writing. I wrote out two pages in my written journal and then brought in some of those thoughts to the left side of this art journal spread. While the thoughts are private, it occurred to me that in sharing both of these pages here, someone might be blessed by reading my prayer, so here it is, heart on my sleeve.

As far as the art technique, this was my first effort at this style. I love that it uses acrylic paints (becoming my favorite medium) and will allow me to incorporate many of the mixed media techniques I already love to use (in what I call my “crazy, messy” mixed media projects). So, future pages with the sweet little girls will have more of a mixed media background. This one needed to reflect my heart from the writing prompt, the shadows and the beam of light, etc.

But, clearly, I have a lot to learn about this new technique—and that can only come from practice. I do like it that this style of “portrait” does not require a realistic rendering of facial features, which I cannot seem to do, though I have tried. When I was working on this page, it felt like I could concentrate more on what was in my heart than on “getting it just right” on the subject.

Most of my “art” includes spiritual overtones and undertones, usually blatant Scripture references or song lyrics. That’s me, and I make no apology. That’s what I’m about. But, this class seems to have taken me to another level, that of almost a “private revival” that I am experiencing along with learning new art techniques. What a blessing! I’m glad Mindy followed God’s leading to offer this class!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your heart on your sleeve, as you put it. I needed these words, Barb. I'm so glad this class is a blessing to you.... You're an encouragement to me.