Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vintage Winter Wonderland {Tinting Old Photograph}

Trying some of the techniques Tim Holtz taught in Creative Chemistry 102, I always love working with vintage photos. I prefer to use my own, since there should be SOME up-side to having real, vintage photos of one’s childhood!

vintage wonderland wm

Here’s the original photo:

bk janene snowman

I do not remember this picture being taken. I would guess our ages as about 4 and 3, maybe. That would make the picture more than 60 years old. I am on the left (in my pre-bangs days, which lasted about 4 years of my life), and my sister Janene, 15 months younger than I, on the right. I believe this picture was taken at my grandparents’ home in Helena, Arkansas. They had a huge back yard. I had never seen this picture until a few years ago when one of my aunts shared some of her family photos during her last months.

I printed the photo on glossy photo paper, tinted some of it with Distress Ink Markers (using colors that we often wore—I never wore red, as I was a redhead, and redheads never wore red—still a rule I follow). I “aged” it with other inks and placed it on a tag with “Winter Wonderland” music. That song was a special one for my sister and me, as it was one of the “numbers” we would perform when we made up acts for our own Talent Show (with ourselves as the audience).

And here’s how it looks on my Tag Tree (yep, already up this year).

vintage wonderland on tree wm

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Maron said...

I love your photo and the way you re-worksed it with color. Had to laugh because as a kid I had auburn hair bordering on red and though Mom never put red on me, my God Mother always bought me a red coat for Easter…lol

dyeandpigment said...

Great tag. Tinting old photographs is such a fun technique and brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing yur memories.

Keith Wilson said...

It was great that all the family got to practice taking pictures of cute kids, so when THE Cute One came along, they wouldn't make mistakes...A large part of my childhood memories is Mamo walking in a room with whatever camera was of the period (Brownie, Instamatic, etc.) and saying, "I want to make your picture..."

Cec said...

What a wonderful personal keepsake. I love how you have coloured elements in the photo. Thanks for sharing with us at Frilly and Funkie.

Jenny Marples said...

That is a fantastic way of using your photo to create a very special decoration. Love it to bits. Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funkie. Jenny x