Sunday, November 17, 2013

Frosty the Softie Tag

frosty 3 wm layers

One of the things I enjoy about making a “softie” (inspiration from the Art of Holiday Goodness class) is that somehow, with a needle and thread in my hand, I feel closer to my mother, who was quite the seamstress.

I cut a tag, a snowman and a snowflake from felt and just finished it off with simple stitching. It is a nice break to be able to work on a project while I am “watching” TV with my husband, away from the paints, inks, and scrapbooks for a while.

This will join many other tags on my Tag Christmas Tree.

frosty 5 wm

1 comment:

Vicki Miller said...

love your tag! and yes, the tactile feel of fabric is something that I can't get enough of