Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Musical Performances—Shameless Braggings of a Mamo

Last week we attended two concerts. On Thursday evening our grandson Conner performed in his high school’s Winter Concert. He is a sophomore and in the top audition choir at his school (A Capella Choir) as well as the select ensemble group from out of that choir (Up Tempo).

  IMG_0432 picnik Tenor Section of Up Tempo

IMG_0434IMG_0433Up Tempo  IMG_0444 A Capella Choir

IMG_0448 picnikIMG_0447

Kristy – Conner – Tory – Mark (our son)

IMG_0451 IMG_0449 with Grandad and Mamo

On Friday evening we attended the Christmas Madrigal Celebration at Alyssa’s high school. The production included five choirs. Alyssa, a senior, is in three of them (all audition choirs): Women’s Choir, Chorale, and Varsity Singers. It was a huge production, with 25 musical pieces. Alyssa sang on 20 of them, so my camera (with telephoto lens) was very busy!


Alyssa wore a head mic during the first half of the production, as she had two solos and a drama part.

IMG_0503 IMG_0536 IMG_0553 IMG_0570 IMG_0575  IMG_0609 James – Dawson – Alyssa – Sharida (our daughter)


with Mamo and Dawson and Grandad

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