Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas – Day 10

Day 10 - Barbara FordWhew! I did it! When I first started with the 12 Tags, I really did not intend to do all 12. The more I did, the more I wanted to do, until I finally realized it was imperative that I finish the task. It has been very challenging but fun, and I have learned so much, and have a new appreciation for the vintage technique, as it appeals to the “feel” I have always had for relishing the wonderful things of times past.

I “winged it” on the embellishments at the bottom, as I am also learning to find things around the house that I can use to enhance a tag.

The facet ornaments that I created using suggestions from Tim did not turn out as vibrant as his, and it could be because I “made do” with heavy duty aluminum foil rather than purchasing the metal tape. Still, they are fine.

Next year, I need to get the tags done within the 12 days. Finishing up this last one has been a challenge, as our Christmas is tomorrow evening and Saturday, and things are a-flurry here with last-minute wrapping, baking and cooking.

I think there is something fundamental here, in my joy in creating these tags—it has been fun to do something with my hands, to actually create something enjoyable and lasting (I hope), as I think about the real reason why I love this season so much—the celebration of the birth of Christ, He who is the reason for the joy in my heart—in this season, and all the year round.

Merry Christmas!


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

This is so beautiful Barbara!!! I love how the ornaments came out...nice job!!!

sharida said...

OK - THIS is my favorite. I meant to tell you that when I saw it on the tree at your house.