Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl

Taking a break from the 12 Tags of Christmas postings to wish a Happy Birthday to my little girl. She turned 40 today. My goodness, how could time have possibly flown by so quickly. Here are a few random photos that I have scanned from earlier years, not intended to tell her life story, but just shared as a representation of the passing of time!

She’s such a special person, with a sweet heart and a beautiful personality. Happy Birthday, Sharida Sunshine!

Sharida 6 weeks

           First trip to church, 12 days oldSharida Feb 1974

Sharida September 1975

Mark and Sharida Dec 1 1982

Sharida with John Ashcroft 1990

State Speech Award

Sharida HS Valedictorian May 1990 Valedictorian

1993 Mar at Sharida's wedding

Mrs. James Havens (with brother/wife and mom/dad)


James Sharida Alyssa Dawson

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sharida said...

Oh my goodness. Lots of AGING going on between the wedding photo and the last photo. HA! Thanks, Mom. This really made me feel special.