Tuesday, October 26, 2021

My Yamaha Baby Grand is Here!

As previously stated, “Once my piano has been delivered, for the first time in a very long time, all my belongings will be under one roof.” Yes! That time is now! 

Granted, the quantity of those “belongings” has been greatly reduced, after giving away a very large portion of what was “housed” in our big house on Peaceful Acres, in Troy, Missouri, once that property was sold. BUT, what we do still own (of primary importance is our sentimental belongings, such as photos, albums, and keepsakes), is all with us in our ONE home now.

As we prepared to make the cross-country move, I was able to find a piano moving company that only moves pianos, specializes in cross-country moves, employs only certified piano movers, and is able to store the piano in a climate-controlled environment until delivery. 

In my “big house” in Troy, the piano reigned over a fairly large “library,” where it looked particularly stunning during the Christmas season. 

They packed up/picked up my piano on July 21.


Then, we moved from Missouri, arriving in Washington on August 15. No piano yet. Until last Saturday. It was delivered on October 23.


And now, the baby grand reigns over a much smaller room, but it is all just for the piano, but still with plenty of room for family to stand, for “singing around the piano.” 

And so, here we are. All my “stuff” is with me. And some of my “stuff” is pretty important to me.

My piano means so much more than just a musical instrument. In the next couple of posts, I may share previous blog writings where I describe that part of me that is basically impossible to describe. I know. Few will understand. But some will.

Meanwhile, here my great grandson is on the piano bench with me, following a long history of  “piano bench” sharing, starting with me as a toddler, sharing the bench with my Aunt Lucy, who was my “idol” at the piano. Then there were my two children, with me. And then my grandchildren, Tory and Conner. (I actually gave piano lessons to both my children, Mark and Sharida, and then to Tory and Conner.)

Tory Early Spring 2004 (my piano was brand new)

Conner October 2007

And now Conner’s son, my great grandson, Leeland. He is so excited to have the piano in my home here in Washington. He has been waiting for it. He has used his little truck to play like he is delivering it. “Mamo, I just delivered your piano into the piano room!” So, he and I are both pretty excited to have the real thing, finally here!

The next couple of posts, for those who take the time to read them, will give insight into how my piano is so much a part of me.

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Kristy said...

Love all these pictures to go with the story. Soooooo many good memories to reflect on and so many more to look forward too :)

Barbara said...

Thanks. Glad it brought good memories, and yes, many more to look forward to—I like that thought!