Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Thoughts That Bring Life and Peace {Watercolor} {Heartstrings}

A few days ago I wrote a blog piece about God’s creatures and why I love them so much, maybe more than ever right now. (That post is here.)

My sentimental leaning toward little creatures (especially soft and cuddly ones) probably inspired me to attempt this little watercolor kitten, following a tutorial by my favorite art teacher, Maria Raczynska. My little kitty is just that—mine—as it doesn’t look that much like Maria’s little kitty. But that’s okay. It’s mine. My painting, that is. I do not own, nor have I ever owned a kitten/cat. But they are cute and cuddly-looking.

I’ve been thinking more about why I am so drawn to little creatures right now (apart from my obvious over-endowment of maternal instinct). And it comes to me today that perhaps one reason (among hundreds) why I miss my little Sassi Girl so much is because she was a constant. She never waivered in her unconditional love for me. She wanted nothing more in this world than to be with me, to be loved by me, no matter what. And she loved me, no matter what. She wasn’t interested in current events. The pandemic, the election, the riots, the upside-down state of our country right now—none of that was a part of her world. Her world was her family. Her people. And that was calming to me. When she was on my lap, none of the bad stuff of the world seemed to matter. Her world/my world = simply, mutual love.

So many things in my world today (and not just me, this has to be true for most of us right now) are not just upsetting, but worse than that, traumatic. Trauma is not good. The depression, bitterness, anger, fear, and all of those bad feelings that tend to accompany thoughts about what is going on around us—those things cannot long live in my heart without taking a physical, mental and emotional toll. 

I miss being able to hold Sassi on my lap while I pray and refocus.

This morning’s Facebook post from our son was exactly what I needed to hear (not the part about how he was awake in the middle of the night, but the rest of it). I share it here in hopes that it will help someone else.
Post from Mark Ford, Facebook, December 1, 2020:

“What’s on your mind?” That’s what Facebook asks. I’m not sure I could begin to tell you. It’s 2:30 a.m. and there’s way too much on my mind. Things that were not on anyone’s mind last year at this time. Things I never worried about before. Tons of things. And by that I mean heavy things. On top of all the usual things that were there before 2020. Personal things. Family things. Church things. America things. Global things. Temporal things. Eternal things. Past things. Present things.  Future things. Decisions. Challenges. Disappointments. Worries. Fears. Hopes. Dreams. Hurts. Frustrations. Confusion. Discouragements. Plans. Prayers. 

“What is on your mind?” What a terrible question. Terrible. 

And literally in this moment, as I am typing, I remember one of my memory verses: Romans 8:6. It says, “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.”

I’ve been talking to myself when I needed to talk to Jesus. 

End transmission.

Yep, that’s my little boy, the one who has always, since he was a toddler, had such a tender heart and such a busy mind, always feeling for people and always wishing he could make everything okay. Not just wishing. Thinking. Planning. Solving. 

My little boy is now my pastor, and I’m thankful that he is, and that he has been my spiritual mentor for many years now.

I need to refocus. I am very upset by what is going on around me. But the true eternal constant in my life is Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I pray that I will stop talking to myself and talk more to Jesus. 

Because setting my mind on The Spirit will bring life and peace. 

Peace. I need that.

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Kristy said...

Powerful. I’m so glad that God used your son’s words to comfort you. I can just imagine all the times you must have comforted him along the way and still do today. It is so true that our hearts are looking for a “constant” and more than ever in this ever-changing world. I am so glad you do you have Jesus, but I understand what it’s like to miss the constant of a pet who loves you unconditionally while on earth and isn’t wrapped up in the things in the world.