Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cheerful Little Yellow Warbler {Watercolor}

On this very dreary November day in Missouri, this cheeky little yellow warbler cheers my spirits. 

I am a Patreon of Maria Raczynska (that means I pay a small monthly fee to have access to all her detailed tutorials—costs less per month than a couple of Grande Lattes from Starbucks, so yeah, I allow myself...)... Her style of painting is something that draws me—I don’t love all of her tutorials (I do not particularly like landscapes, for example, and she does a lot of those).... but I have decided that my “rule of thumb” for whom I will  emulate is this: if their finished work is something I wish I could do, then, bingo. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many artists who fit that rule, in terms of most of their work.

Repeating from my last post, I love creatures. This little yellow bird appeared in a recent tutorial from Maria, but she didn’t identify it, so I searched for it, and it’s a Yellow Warbler. Apparently they are found in Missouri as well as many other states, but I have never seen one in person. I love the bright yellow color, and although we have tons of Goldfinch in Missouri, there is a lot of the year (like now) that the Goldfinch have almost no color.

As far as the art, this one is done on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 100% Cotton, 140 pound paper (I usually use Arches). It is on a 5x7 block, which I love to use, as it doesn’t warp as I apply water.

Paints - Almost all Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor:
Winsor Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Light
Iso Yellow Deep
Sap Green
Quin Red
Neutral Tint

This is Thanksgiving week. We will be spending Thanksgiving alone, by choice this year, as we have decided not to venture out to accept a larger family invitation. 

We are getting ready for Christmas, and being able to do that is actually one of the things I am most thankful for!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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