Thursday, November 12, 2020

Already? Fall AGAIN? (Or...Time Continues to Fly)

My purpose for today’s post is two-fold: (1) To get “back in the saddle” with posting on my blog. It gets harder to discipline myself, the longer I am away, and I have reconfirmed with myself that I do want to keep the blog alive. (2) To share some fall art, to make myself accountable, because I do want to paint, and I want to work to completion on a piece; sharing the completed work does hold me accountable (to me, of course—no one else cares!! Ha).

I painted the pumpkin a couple of months ago and did not pick up the brushes again until a couple of days ago, when I painted the autumn leaf.

The pumpkin was painted closely following a tutorial by Anna Mason online. It was way too detailed for my enjoyment, but I do like the finished product.

The leaf was painted loosely following a reference photo by Anna Mason.

That done (painted/posted), I have decided to return to following my favorite artist so far, Maria Raczynska, and I will soon post something I have done with inspiration from her (incredible) work. I have followed her before and always enjoy her teaching.

So, without commentary on what is going on in my country right now, I will just say, “Happy Fall, Everyone!” And be done with the posting for today!

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Terra said...

You have the fall spirit with your two pretty paintings.