Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Little Girl and a Little Boy {Old Timey-Times}

A few years ago, when I was knee-deep in mixed media projects, I made several little “board books.” I did not save most of those, but there is one that is very special to me. I happened to see that little book today and decided that a “look back” might be fun. In retrospect, I can’t believe how much time and effort I put into this book, but I’m so glad I did, because it is now very special to me. I photographed the “pages” today and will share it here.

Talk about a “look back” into the “old timey-times!”

Note: This book is about my hubby and me, our first three grades of elementary school (we neither one went to kindergarten). But, we did not meet each other until my husband was starting 9th grade, and I was starting 7th grade. So, after the fact, after we were married even, I got some of his old pictures from his mom.

Another side note: Just for fun, at one point, I had a company make my own print handwriting into a digital font file. So, the printing on the little tags inside the pockets of the book are actually my own printing, though typed.

*In order to read all the little true stories that are on some of the tags, you may want to click to enlarge the photo.

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Kristy said...

I can see why this book is close to your heart! The pictures of you all are so cute!!! I love everything from the decor to the print used. Very special !