Monday, April 13, 2020

Spring Activities

Spring is bringing the green back to Peaceful Acres. The grass and the underbrush are bright green now, and the leaves on the tall oaks and maples have gone from tiny buds to recognizable leaves. It’s time for the hummingbirds to return.

I love birds, and I continue to try to paint them, although I “style” seems to be somewhere between whimsical and realistic, and I guess that’s okay. I am learning from an artist in Australia, Louise De Masi, among others. She does a beautiful job with birds, and this hummingbird was done following her YouTube tutorial. It was fun to do and made me feel lighthearted, with a forward look to spring and perhaps the disappearance, if gradual, of this horrid pandemic virus.

Meanwhile, an outpouring of spring weather caused hail damage to the roof of our home here on Peaceful Acres, and today the roofers delivered the shingles for an entire new roof, construction on which will begin tomorrow.

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